Oxelon Media Converter 1.1

Boasts an incredible amount of formats it can transcode to and from

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 98 SE / Windows 8

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The Oxelon Media Converter is a simple-to-use, downloadable program that converts most media files that are in use today or have been used in the majority of Windows programs in the past. Speed and flexibility are the major points that sell this free software.

The 3.1MB program is presently in its second incarnation and is a versatile end to the media conversion problems or the lack of media conversion flexibility that most people that publish anything on the Internet have experienced. This is a real must have for anyone in publishing who uses sound, pictures, or video to enhance and elaborate their work.

The Oxelon Media Converter can interpret and convert 37 different video, photo and audio formats. You will have to do some adjustment of the program when you first download and install Oxelon Media Converter.

Some video conversion formats require an adjustment of the frame rate, bit rate, and resolution and you have to adjust the bit rate and sampling rate for audio formats. These adjustments have to be done manually to take advantage of the speed that the Oxelon Media Converter offers.

In order to take full advantage of all of the conversion capability of the Oxelon Media Converter, you have to install plug-ins for the various audio and video formats. This task is prompted for you to do at installation and guarantees that you get the most flexibility from the program.

The Oxelon Media Converter boasts lightning-fast speed. This is one of the fastest media converters that you can find for any price. The next thing that makes the program so useful is the capability of converting multiple files to different formats at the same time. You can do several conversions all at the same time and there is minimal, if any, loss in speed of the conversion and no loss in speed in anything else you might be running.

Once you have installed the program, you can convert any media file to another format by right clicking on the file and selecting the target format from a drop-down menu. This brings up the program screen, and you click on a target location to send the converted file.

The Oxelon Media Converter was developed to work with Windows Explorer. The newest version is designed for Windows 8 and works with Windows 7. The program probably will not malfunction with Windows XP because the original was written in the XP format and does not involve XP updates or upgrades that are no longer provided by Windows.

The program sends you to a developer’s site once you convert a file and close the conversion. This little inconvenience can be eliminated on installation by selecting the option that prevents the program from opening the developer’s site. You might consider looking at the developer’s site occasionally for updates and new versions. The developer’s site also offers some new free programs that are on par in quality and utility with the Oxelon Media Converter program.


  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Handles most if not all formats
  • Designed to work with Windows Explorer
  • Works with Windows XP
  • Multiple simultaneous file conversion
  • One click function with drag and drop


  • Plug-ins must be installed for complete function
  • Automatic opening of developers site when end conversion
  • Written for Windows XP

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